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Restful Sleep is one of the gifts that all living creatures experience. When we get restful sleep it's like a re-set button and we can start our day fresh and energized.

Research shows that a person who has gone one night without good sleep operates the next day as if they had started their day with 3 alcohol beverages!

Adults need deep sleep for many reasons; one purely physical reason is that adults release human growth hormone while in the deep sleep cycle. This is important because just like the cells of our outer skin slough off daily; so do the cells of our digestive system and all internal organs. We need growth hormone so our body can replace the cells that are sloughed off every day. Sleeping well helps memory function and we all know it helps our disposition. The benefits of deep restful sleep are endless.

Natural deep sleep is ideal. Without any chemicals.

My recommendations for excellent deep sleep are:

1) Your sleeping area should be just for sleeping.

2) Make your sleeping area super comfortable and very dark. Very dark is important for good sleep.

3) Reduce all noise; if you are in a noisy neighborhood - talk with yourself (this is self-hypnosis) about how you can use those noises to go into a deeper sleep.restful_sleep
4) Use the Restful Sleep mp3 from my online store. My voice will guide you into a deep and restful slumber; most of my customers find they fall asleep before they hear the whole recording. Get 20% off your purchase when you type in the coupon code: sleep

5) If you have nightmares that wake you up; work with an experienced hypnotherapist who can help you end the nightmares. Also if the above techniques are not helping to resolve the issue, and you do NOT have sleep apnea (which is a serious condition and requires medical attention) contact a hypnotherapist to help you create good sleep habits. Hypnosis works with the same part of the mind that is active while you sleep.
6) Make sure you are getting physical exercise. Even just going for a walk during the day can help with sleep that night.
Sweet dreams! Or like my friends would say to me when I lived in Spain; Que duerme con los angelitos!
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