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Wishing you the best of everything always!

Thanksgiving is a tradition born many years ago and has become a special day for us to all focus in on who and what we are grateful for, so I'd like to take this opportunity and express my gratitude to you, for who you are and what you do!

We all know that gratitude doesn't have to be saved up to be celebrated just one day of the year!  But marking it with a special day all its' own -Thanksgiving- brings special attention to the fact that we are all important, that we all have something to give and we all can receive; we exist in a shared community.

Findings from Research on Gratitude
I was going to send a video to you about gratitude, but as I searched through the many videos I stumbled across research on gratitude and it's benefits.  You may not be surprised to learn that gratitude has been researched since it seems so simple. Our hearts and intuition tell us that gratitude is wonderful so it seems silly that scientists would want to know... is it really worthwhile, how and why?  Eventually, confirming what most people already intuitively know Dr. Robert Emmons found several things, one of which is:
"Grateful people report higher levels of positive emotions, life satisfaction, vitality, optimism and lower levels of depression and stress. The disposition toward gratitude appears to enhance pleasant feeling states more than it diminishes unpleasant emotions. Grateful people do not deny or ignore the negative aspects of life."
Measure your Gratefulness with a Questionnaire
Emmons, et. al. utilized a questionaire to evaluate gratefulness and life experience.  This is a link to that questionaire in case you'd like to evaluate yourself or share it with someone you know.
It's Free!
Expand Gratefulness and It's Benefits in Your Life
Would you like to expand feelings of gratitude in your life?  or help someone else with their feelings of gratitude?   There are many ways to do this.  First as you fall before you fall asleep at night, reflect on at least 3 things or experiences of the day that you are grateful for so gratefulness is the last thought on your mind as you fall asleep.  Say thank you more often, more freely.  Another is to keep a gratitude journal.  There are many ways to keep a gratitude journal; one way is to write every day about 10 things you are grateful for, another is to create a list and add it to it every night for 10 nights.  Then select 3 of the items on the list and express your thanks to the person related to what you are grateful for.  If you would like a free gratitude journal to write in every night, you can start here Patricia Poole's Free Starter Gratitude Journal and if you've already downloaded the first one which I put on my website a few years ago, you can download this new one  Gratitude Journal #2 .
What has happened in your life this year that you are harvesting and are thankful for? Was it in the way of relationships, career, health, finances, inner spiritual growth or something else more personal or global?


I wish you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving day.

Thank you and blessings,



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