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Is there a way I can better prepare?
When you call or email to make an appointment I will get your email address and send documents that help you prepare so you get the most out of your time.

What can I expect?
You can expect the best! I am a results oriented person who is ready to help you accomplish your goal by better utilizing and “driving” your subconscious mind and energy. You can expect to get free of past “baggage” and limiting beliefs to a place of success.

Do I have to decide what service I want to have before I come in?

No. When you come in, I will assess your situation and explain to you what service will be most effective and efficient for you to achieve your goals.

Is this like psychotherapy or counseling?
No. I do not diagnose you in any way. When we meet I get a clear understanding of what it is you’d like to change (reduce stress/anxiety, sad feelings, moving on after a break-up, improved confidence, weight-loss, changing negative patterns, improving relationships, etc) and then we do hypnosis or one of the other services I provide to help you get the change happening at the level of your subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is responsible for patterned/habitual behavior so we can effect change more rapidly and efficiently than regular talk therapy. If we do Reiki or Reconnective healing, I assess your situation, do Reiki or Reconnective healing with you and then give you some “homework” to keep you moving forward (the homework is usually very simple and fun).

Is this like coaching?
In many ways the work I do with you is much like coaching,  each time we meet I use one or more of the services to help you make deep, long lasting changes. Having said that; many of my clients like to employ my skills and talents as their personal coach. If you are interested in hiring me as your coach, let me know upfront - I have special packages for coaching.


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When is the best time to get started?
The time to get started is now. If you’ve thought enough about it that you’re visiting my website and are reading through the FAQs; you’ve already put a lot of energy in and you are ready to capitalize on the energy you’ve already put in.

How do you know which service to do with me?
When we meet I assess your situation by reviewing and discussing it with you; at that time it becomes very obvious to me which service will be most helpful to you.

Why do you need my credit card number before we meet?
Your credit card will not be charged until after our first session OR if you cancel with a shorter notice than 24 hours or you do not show up. There are many clients who would like to make an appointment for these life-changing sessions and when one doesn’t show or cancels with less than 24 hours notice that person takes the opportunity away from someone else who IS ready to embrace positive change.

Can this replace my regular doctor?
No, this work does not replace regular doctor visits. This work is complementary to regular doctor visits. Many people think of it as integrative when traditional medicine is combined with these types of services. I offer hypnosis and energy work as complementary to your regular doctor visits such as pre-surgical, post-surgical, support for chemo, pain management, natural child birth and more.

How long is a session?
I offer initial consultations for people who want to explore whether hypnosis is a good fit for them.  The initial consultation is $50.  Subsequent hypnosis sessions are $100/session or are available in packages of 3 sessions/$240 or, 6 sessions, 9 or 12 sessions at a discounted rate.
Reiki is a 1 hour session and the rate is $100/session or at the discounted rate when you purchase a package.

What is your training?
I am a Certified Consulting Hypnotist since 1997, with specialty training in Complementary Medical Hypnosis and HypnoBirthing and update my training constantly to stay on the cutting edge.  I was Certified as a Reiki Master Teacher in 1997, a Reconnective Healing Practitioner Level III in 2004, Past Life Regressionist in 1998 and 2005 was trained by Dolores Cannon to do Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, also I was certified in EFT in 2007. Bachelors degree from Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI 1988. I speak Spanish fluently.


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Can everyone be hypnotized?
Yes, everyone can be hypnotized. The only people who might not be the best candidates for hypnosis are people who have epilepsy, brain trauma or pschizophrenia. You will learn more about how you are hypnotizable in our first meeting if that is a service you will be employing.

Do you do hypnosis for weight loss?
Yes. I do hypnosis for weight loss one session at a time $100 or 3 sessions/$240; or if you would like coaching there are packages that incorporate more than 3 sessions and give a better discount to support your commitment to your goals.

Do you do hypnosis for quitting smoking?
Yes. I do hypnosis for quitting smoking one session at a time $100/session or a program of 3 sessions for $240.

When I am hypnotized will I tell you all my secrets?
No. When you are hypnotized you still have the ability to censor what you say so you will not disclose anything that you do not want to disclose. If the information you are concerned about is also information we need to address to resolve an issue I use a form of asking yes and no questions to move you through resolving the issue; when I do that I may never know what the details are because you only answer yes and no questions. The only way I would know what the details are is if you were to tell me during the session or afterwards.

When can I expect to see results?
Most clients see results after their first visit with compounded positive change with every subsequent visit. When looking to make changes in habits, phobias, patterned behavior, clearing trauma, etc. it can often take 3-5 sessions and sometimes 10 to get the full result you desire.

Can I get stuck in hypnosis?
No, you cannot get stuck in hypnosis.


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Past Life Regression

Does everyone have a past life?
So far everyone I’ve ever met has had at least one past life. Most people have had many. Past lives were part of the Christian doctrine until the Byzantine empire and the Nicea council meeting during which Constantine eliminated it to serve his political agenda. In the United States many of us are just learning about past lives while others of us have been comfortable with the concept forever.

How does a past life regression work?
The subconscious mind houses all memory. Therefore, when I do a past life regression you go into a state of hypnosis to access the subconscious mind which has all memory through all time. Generally when I do a past life regression I focus on going to the most appropriate one at this time; this way the subconscious mind will guide us to the one that can serve you best. If you are experiencing a problematic situation (relationship, health, etc) in life we can direct the subconscious to guide us to the lifetime that is most connected to the problem so we can get the pertinent info and resolve it.

I offer two types of individual past life regression sessions; simple and long. The simple past life regression includes going to a past life, reporting the details you learn there, making connections between that life and this one, and then resolving any unfinished business from that life. It runs about 1 hr and is $100, every add'l 30 minutes is $40. The long past life regression lasts 3-4 hrs and is based on Dolores Cannon’s style of doing past life regression. For the long past life regression, you prepare a list of questions you have for your OverSoul (sort of like questions you would like to ask if you had a psychic reading). When you arrive at my office we discuss your questions and then do hypnosis to access your subconscious mind, review a past life just like the simple session and then I ask your deepest self, via the subconscious mind, the questions that you brought in with you. It lasts 3-4 hours and is $200.

How do I remember everything if I am in hypnosis?
Many people remember their past life regression in the way they remember their dreams; in bits and pieces so I record it, burn it to a cd and give it to you to listen to later. Since I am recording it, you can really relax and just focus on reporting the details you observe just like a detective gathers evidence.

Will everything be resolved in the past life regression or will I need follow up sessions?
Much will be resolved in your past life regression. Most clients get insights on ways to move forward in the most positive way possible. Subsequent ‘regular’ hypnosis sessions can build on what you learn in the past life regression.


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What happens during a Reiki session?
A reiki session focuses on your energy body also know as your aura. We begin by discussing anything you might want to focus on during your session. Then you lay on the massage table fully clothed and comfortable. While you are laying down I allow positive, high vibrating energy to flow through me to your energy system to transmute any “negative” or dense energy. At the end of your session we discuss what occurred and I give you next steps to keep moving forward to better, healthier energy which leads to a healthier physical body and emotional state.

What can I expect?
When we do Reiki we know that there will be positive movement; whether it will be physical, mental or emotional remains to be seen until the end. In the world of energy work, it is important to understand that first things happen first. Often a physical anomaly must first be resolved in the mental or emotional bodies and then physical improvement will be seen. But I can report that some clients have had physical improvement right away. Reiki is not a linear, cause and effect experience. When I do Reiki I incorporate accutuning which is the use of sound to attune your chakras to the note that they are when vibrating healthfully.

Why get Reiki?
Reiki can be a profoundly healing experience. My clients get Reiki for many reasons; some as simple as stress reduction, these clients report feeling like they’ve gotten a massage from the inside out, more clarity and a feeling of well-being. Others come to get more balance or energetic support while convalescing from chemo or other medical treatments; for recovery from trauma or an accident or as a support while going through 12 step programs or other counseling. There are as many reasons to get Reiki as there are people on the planet.

How long is a session and what is the fee?
A reiki session is 1 hour and the fee is $100/session or 3 sessions for $240.

Reconnective Healing

What is Reconnective Healing?
Reconnective Healing is a powerful energy healing modality. I’ve found that it is more grounding than Reiki generally is; not only lightening your energy but strengthening it so when you get off the massage table you feel lighter and stronger.

What does a Reconnective Healing Practitioner level III mean?
It means that I can do healing sessions as well as The Reconnection treatment.

Please check out to learn more about The Reconnection.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

When do you use EFT?
I employ EFT with people who respond well to it. It is applicable to issues in the same way as hypnosis so it can be used to help you make positive changes quickly and easily. Some people respond better to hypnosis while others respond better to EFT.

How does EFT work?
There are a couple ways to use EFT; one is to guide and teach you to do EFT on yourself, the other is for me to do EFT on you. It is a technique that incorporates tapping acupressure points while addressing issues. It is based on the premise that negative energy (resulting from negative experiences, negative thought and/or trauma) is stored along the meridian lines of the body and when we tap the points and address the topic at hand, it lessens the intensity of the emotions until they are eliminated from the memory or topic. You will still be able to recall the event or information but it has no ability to control your decisions and behavior.

EFT is excellent for someone who is stuck in a particular emotion; such as crying all the time, angry, sad or fearful.


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