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"Trish, I did it! Still using your techniques, and they're still working. Thanks for the best class I ever took."
Hypnosis has long been associated with the strange and mysterious. The truth is that it isn't the least bit mysterious! In fact it is a powerful, positive method to effect positive healthful changes in your life.

Simply put; hypnosis maximizes the mind-body connection in ways that go beyond conscious understanding to program and accomplish positive goals for health, happiness, well-being and prosperity (in the big sense of the word). Even if you did not receive positive programming as a child, hypnosis can help you remove the old program and create the new one almost like removing an old software program from your computer and putting in a new more helpful and rewarding one.

Hypnosis is something everyone can do! In fact, you have been in a hypnotic state hundreds or even thousands of times! You didn't notice it because hypnosis is such a natural state of mind. Here are some common examples:

• You daydreamed and found yourself driving along the highway and nearly drove past your exit.
• You've become so involved in a TV show or movie that you forgot about everyone around you and didn't hear the telephone ringing, or a comment from a family member.
• You stare at a burning campfire, candle or fireplace, and are surprised that you have lost track of time. When that happened, you experienced hypnosis!

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"Trish, I did it! Still using your techniques, and they're still working. Thanks for the best class I ever took."

Reiki is a Japanese energy healing modality. It is wonderfully simple, powerful and effective. When I first learned about Reiki about 18 years ago, it was not very widely known but more and more people and medical facilities are incorporating Reiki to improve health and overall life experience.

Reiki works with your energy body. A healthy energy body is free and clear of heavy, sticky or “blocked” energy. During a Reiki session, very high vibrating energy flows to you clearing out tension, stress; heavy, sticky, blocked energy and replacing it with vibrant, vital energy.

Reiki continually surprises me with wonderful positive results some are expected and some are totally unexpected, happy surprises! Most of my clients tell me they feel like they got a deep tissue massage from the inside out even though during a reiki session I do not touch you physically! Some people come back from their Reiki session with new, helpful insights on troublesome areas in their life because of the deep meditative state a person can reach during Reiki. Usually when I do reiki I am silent so you can go as deep as your mind-body-spirit needs to go to get what you need. Reiki interacts uniquely with each individual person and situation, seeking always to create harmony, health and well-being on all levels.

Some people like to utilize Reiki to support a physical healing process. They receive Reiki sessions to bolster their vital force and strengthen their immune system and recover more quickly from surgery, chemo treatments or trauma. Many clients and students utilize Reiki to reduce pain, both chronic and acute.

Reiki is always helpful in reducing stress, improved mood and enhancing deep sleep. Many of my clients have found Reiki to be very helpful in overcoming depression, hopelessness, anxiety, etc. Still others find that Reiki takes them to a deep meditative state quickly and effortlessly where they are able to recharge their mind, body and spirit creating a wonderful sense of well-being.

Reiki, in simplest terms, clears out that heavy and chaotic energy from the mind-body-spirit and brings a brighter, healthier sense of overall well-being.

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"Trish, I did it! Still using your techniques, and they're still working. Thanks for the best class I ever took."
EFT is a powerful healing modality that gets results on many levels. It is based on the ancient principles of acupuncture, but done without needles.

EFT is used to clear up energy blocks in the body. These blocks can cause all sorts of imbalances on any level; physical, mental, emotional, etc. EFT addresses the mind-body-spirit in a really gentle way to allow for the release of negative emotions and creation of a healthier way to move forward.

You don't need to know what the energy block is from or why it is there; if that information is helpful or necessary for your problem to be transformed it will come out during the EFT session.

EFT can be used to improve personal performance, emotional challenges and physical issues. It's very effective with, but not limited to; business and career goals, children's behavior, relationship issues, anger management, depression, insomnia, sever trauma, addictions, abuse, phobias, migraines, allergies, pain management, chronic fatigue syndrome, multiple chemical sensitivities, hypertension, fibromyalgia, cancer, etc.

EFT is excellent with young children. Most young children will not sit still long enough to do hypnosis to help with behavior, etc but they generally not only sit still for EFT but actually enjoy it. EFT is a powerful tool for parents to use with their children to improve behavior problems such as but not limited to; waking up throughout the night, bad eating behaviors, tantrums, disagreeable demeanors, physical problems, improve athletic performance, self-esteem, self-confidence, public speaking and pretty much anything that you'd like to help your child with EFT can be effective.

If you have a child with a problem, I can do EFT on him/her and eventually teach you how to do it with them if they are too young to do it for themselves or teach them if they are old enough to understand and take responsibility for it. I will oftentimes use EFT in conjunction with hypnosis because they work so well together.
You can set up an EFT appointment to meet in person or via skype.

My fees are 1 session for $100 or 3 sessions for $240 when you pre-pay.

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Past Life Regression

"Trish, I did it! Still using your techniques, and they're still working. Thanks for the best class I ever took."

Reincarnation was always part of the original Christian doctrine and is part of many other religious doctrines. During the Byzantine Empire, Constantine called the Nicea council and dictated that reincarnation was to be removed from the Christian doctrine. From that time forward, the new belief, that we get only one life time, was passed on and found it’s way into many of the western religions as well as some mid-eastern ones. Constantine did this so he could get the political edge that he was looking for with the citizenship.

A past life regression session is a fascinating experience. It is possible because your subconscious mind holds all memory through time and space. During the PLR (past life regression) we employ hypnosis to access the subconscious mind. I guide you to a past life and you report what you find.

When you do an individual session, you are guided back through time and space and once in another lifetime you report back the information that you notice there, much like a detective would. I record the session so you can really relax knowing that you will get a recording of it later that you can listen to and analyze. During the PLR you want to do your best to stay away from analyzing since analyzing uses your conscious mind and starts to bring you out of the deeper hypnosis state. If you choose to do the longer session based on Dolores Cannon’s technique; after the PLR and while you are still in a state of hypnosis, we transition and address your higher self with questions you will have prepared for me to ask, thereby making it a bit like giving yourself a psychic reading. These questions can be about any aspect of your life. Should you choose to do the longer session I will send you documents that guide you in preparing the best way you can.

When you attend a group PLR session, you will go into a hypnotic state (like a deep meditation) and access past life memories with other people. During a group regression you will not communicate what you see, sense, feel, hear, etc to me since other people will be experiencing the PLR at the same time and will likely have a different experience from yours. I will give you several suggestions to help you recall what you need to recall in the most helpful way possible so that your subconscious will help you process the information after the regression.

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