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Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) PDF Print E-mail
"Trish, I did it! Still using your techniques, and they're still working. Thanks for the best class I ever took."
EFT is a powerful healing modality that gets results on many levels. It is based on the ancient principles of acupuncture, but done without needles.

EFT is used to clear up energy blocks in the body. These blocks can cause all sorts of imbalances on any level; physical, mental, emotional, etc. EFT addresses the mind-body-spirit in a really gentle way to allow for the release of negative emotions and creation of a healthier way to move forward.

You don't need to know what the energy block is from or why it is there; if that information is helpful or necessary for your problem to be transformed it will come out during the EFT session.

EFT can be used to improve personal performance, emotional challenges and physical issues. It's very effective with, but not limited to; business and career goals, children's behavior, relationship issues, anger management, depression, insomnia, sever trauma, addictions, abuse, phobias, migraines, allergies, pain management, chronic fatigue syndrome, multiple chemical sensitivities, hypertension, fibromyalgia, cancer, etc.

EFT is excellent with young children. Most young children will not sit still long enough to do hypnosis to help with behavior, etc but they generally not only sit still for EFT but actually enjoy it. EFT is a powerful tool for parents to use with their children to improve behavior problems such as but not limited to; waking up throughout the night, bad eating behaviors, tantrums, disagreeable demeanors, physical problems, improve athletic performance, self-esteem, self-confidence, public speaking and pretty much anything that you'd like to help your child with EFT can be effective.

If you have a child with a problem, I can do EFT on him/her and eventually teach you how to do it with them if they are too young to do it for themselves or teach them if they are old enough to understand and take responsibility for it. I will oftentimes use EFT in conjunction with hypnosis because they work so well together.
You can set up an EFT appointment to meet in person or via skype.

My fees are 1 session for $100 or 3 sessions for $240 when you pre-pay.

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