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"Trish, I did it! Still using your techniques, and they're still working. Thanks for the best class I ever took."

Reiki is a Japanese energy healing modality. It is wonderfully simple, powerful and effective. When I first learned about Reiki about 18 years ago, it was not very widely known but more and more people and medical facilities are incorporating Reiki to improve health and overall life experience.

Reiki works with your energy body. A healthy energy body is free and clear of heavy, sticky or “blocked” energy. During a Reiki session, very high vibrating energy flows to you clearing out tension, stress; heavy, sticky, blocked energy and replacing it with vibrant, vital energy.

Reiki continually surprises me with wonderful positive results some are expected and some are totally unexpected, happy surprises! Most of my clients tell me they feel like they got a deep tissue massage from the inside out even though during a reiki session I do not touch you physically! Some people come back from their Reiki session with new, helpful insights on troublesome areas in their life because of the deep meditative state a person can reach during Reiki. Usually when I do reiki I am silent so you can go as deep as your mind-body-spirit needs to go to get what you need. Reiki interacts uniquely with each individual person and situation, seeking always to create harmony, health and well-being on all levels.

Some people like to utilize Reiki to support a physical healing process. They receive Reiki sessions to bolster their vital force and strengthen their immune system and recover more quickly from surgery, chemo treatments or trauma. Many clients and students utilize Reiki to reduce pain, both chronic and acute.

Reiki is always helpful in reducing stress, improved mood and enhancing deep sleep. Many of my clients have found Reiki to be very helpful in overcoming depression, hopelessness, anxiety, etc. Still others find that Reiki takes them to a deep meditative state quickly and effortlessly where they are able to recharge their mind, body and spirit creating a wonderful sense of well-being.

Reiki, in simplest terms, clears out that heavy and chaotic energy from the mind-body-spirit and brings a brighter, healthier sense of overall well-being.

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Last Updated on Thursday, November 03 2011 06:11