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"Trish, I did it! Still using your techniques, and they're still working. Thanks for the best class I ever took."
Hypnosis has long been associated with the strange and mysterious. The truth is that it isn't the least bit mysterious! In fact it is a powerful, positive method to effect positive healthful changes in your life.

Simply put; hypnosis maximizes the mind-body connection in ways that go beyond conscious understanding to program and accomplish positive goals for health, happiness, well-being and prosperity (in the big sense of the word). Even if you did not receive positive programming as a child, hypnosis can help you remove the old program and create the new one almost like removing an old software program from your computer and putting in a new more helpful and rewarding one.

Hypnosis is something everyone can do! In fact, you have been in a hypnotic state hundreds or even thousands of times! You didn't notice it because hypnosis is such a natural state of mind. Here are some common examples:

• You daydreamed and found yourself driving along the highway and nearly drove past your exit.
• You've become so involved in a TV show or movie that you forgot about everyone around you and didn't hear the telephone ringing, or a comment from a family member.
• You stare at a burning campfire, candle or fireplace, and are surprised that you have lost track of time. When that happened, you experienced hypnosis!

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