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Oprah, Dr. Oz and Brian Weiss - Past Life Regression PDF Print E-mail
Not as well-known as other spiritual healing practices, the topic of past life regression
can oftentimes open the door to the answers for a long list of questions.
What does it do? Is their proof? How is it done? Who does it? Does it really help?         dr_oz_weiss_oprah


Interestingly, Oprah must have had the same questions when, back in May 2008, she invited current television personality Dr. Oz (a skeptic of past life regression) and Dr. Brian Weiss (a specialist in past life regression) onto her show to further explore the practice.,


At the top of this article is a radio clip discussing that very episode and how Dr. Oz experienced his own spiritual revelation regarding the practice. Additionally, you can check out this article [] that recaps the televised discussion between the two doctors and dives into the past life regression sessions with several woman.

If you were ever curious about this practice (or maybe if you are just an Oprah fan) it’s worth the few minutes of exploration. You may find that, like the women in the sessions, it is the answer to exposing and mending your own unique fears.


For more about setting up your past life regression with me... Past Life Regression with Trish  or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Here is a specific example of a  man's past life regression experience with Trish Poole Average Joe Tries Past Life Regression

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