I wanted to lose weight and just couldn't do more than a few pounds at a time. I had a friend recommend Trish. I went to see her and after 2 weeks I lost a amazing 15 pounds. now after 6 weeks I have lost a total of 28 pounds. I don't get hungry and feel great, it sure helped my knee problems. I highly recommend her, she is great and so friendly. I did the 3 sessions and was worth it. Thank you Trish, you have turned my life around and feel so great. ????


Date of Posting: January 08 2019
Posted By: Betty H.
Manitowoc, WI

Hi Trish, We had the baby! A little girl, Emily Josephine :) She is seven weeks. I just want to thank you for the work you did with me. I reflect on it and use the techniques we practiced time and again. We are moved and settled. I miss Green Bay but am making our way here. I wish you all the best! Thanks again!! Charlotte


Date of Posting: September 17 2018
Posted By: Charlotte H
Evanston, IL

Hi Trish, I did well! Thank you for your very professional and personal attention. I feel a sense of peace remembering your words and listening to your cds. Donna


Date of Posting: December 03 2013
Posted By: Donna M.
United States

I was experiencing low energy and sensed that I was not attracting good things into my life. Exercise was not enjoyable and I could not get back into a regular schedule. Trish used hypnosis and some energy healing techniques that quickly got things flowing again. It was really quite an amazing turn-around. This showed me the great potential to go further..to talk with Trish, to uncover and overcome subconscious limiting beliefs. Since then, Trish has become a coach and mentor, inspires me with her very spiritual perspectives, and has opened my eyes to the connectedness of things. Trish can really help you make positive changes in your life. Thanks Trish! Kurt Krueter; Hobart, WI


Date of Posting: April 06 2013
Posted By: Kurt K
Hobart, WI

I first saw Trish on August of 2012. I wasn't sure what to expect, I went to see her for help with anxiety/panic disorder. We did one session on hypnotherapy, but what I liked the most (for me) was learning the EFT. The EFT has no given me a tool to use every day that makes me feel calmer. I have a more general sense of Peace, that I didn't use to have. I notice when I don't do the EFT, I have felt more anxious so now its definately something I do for myself on a daily basis. I am going back today to buy some essential oils! I think Trish is interested in helping people to FEEL BETTER! I would recommend her to everyone. Jane


Date of Posting: February 18 2013
Posted By: Jane .

I have to confess that I had no idea what to expect when I made the apt. with Trish. What I knew was traditional therapy and positive thinking alone were leaving me feeling tired and worn out. After two apt. with Trish I was sleeping thru the night (no meds) and waking up feeling lighter and refreshed, and wondering what took me so long to make the appointment!!! By my third apt. I felt I had some information and tools to continue my journey to creating a future worth waking up for and know if I need that support again I know right where to find it. If you don't believe me, ask my husband.... every day in every way I am becoming healthier and happier....Thanks Trish


Date of Posting: August 06 2012
Posted By: Toni Champeau
Green Bay

I did the 5 minute drawing and it opened my eyes to see what kind of person I really can be and I found it really amazing, because I'm not an artist. Trish is also helping me to work on my testing phobia, I am learning ways to retain material with new study habits. Wish I would have known her earlier.


Date of Posting: August 05 2012
Posted By: Colleen Edlebeck
Green Bay, WI

I have had the extraordinary privilege to have had three readings with Trish after my beloved husband, Randy, died very unexpectedly and certainly far too young. Because of Trish's unique gifts, she could tell me things about Randy that, not only did I long to hear, but they were spot-on about him, his personality, humor, sensitivity, and certainly love for me. Ours was a wonderfully close relationship in life, and now after these three sessions, I realize we still have a wonderful communication through spirit. I receive signs all the time, many of them funny because My Hero had an impish sense of humor that never quit. I have dozens of bright pennies, always found in significant places, beautiful feathers, birds doing strange and wonderful things, and clothespins. (He used to secretly pin clothespins on unsuspecting people in places where they couldn't feel them, and sometimes one could be clanking around with a dozen before realizing Randy had struck again!) I'm not the only one finding clothespins--relatives and neighbors still report in they find them in the oddest places. I am very grateful to have been guided to this warm and friendly woman who has helped me to accept my HUGE loss with grace and dignity, and learn to laugh and live again.


Date of Posting: August 03 2012
Posted By: Michele Bergstrom
Eagle River, WI

Once again, thank you for donating your time to help address the personal interests of our students at Seymour High School. We appreciate your help in guiding their development. Seymour High School’s Diversity Day is an enormous event for us which we only attempt once every four years. Students, faculty and parents were impressed with the day’s offerings and personal nature of the speakers. In reading over the students’ evaluations, comments from your sectional included: “It was very informative.” “very cool visuals” S. Sievert


Date of Posting: May 09 2011
Posted By: S Sievert
teacher at seymour high, seymour

Tricia, Just wanted to thank you for the extra time on Monday. I feel soooooooo much better. I can't believe it! I think all that anger and frustration was just building over such a long period of time that I had become accustomed to it gradually and no longer noticed it. Anyway, even my husband noticed. Thanks again, R.


Date of Posting: September 17 2010
Posted By: R .

Thanks again for your caring, gentle support and guidance.


Date of Posting: August 28 2010
Posted By: J G

"Love the Accessing your Dream Wisdom CD. I use it to help me sleep and using it has helped me to be more creative, again, which is one of my gifts from childhood. And like growing organic produce takes more care and time, Patricia's CD was made with care and love. It is like eating organic fruit rather than pesticide-laden mass marketed fruit. Organic fruit might not be as glossy on the outside, but it tastes better and is much better for you. Patricia really cares about you, her listener and is a true healer and teacher. Her words are peaceful and powerful. I highly recommend this CD to help you access your hidden dream wisdom which is there waiting for you!"


Date of Posting: August 28 2010
Posted By: Clarissa .

Trish is a very talented and special woman. I met her about a year ago and was so amazed at her work I spoke about her often. I had the opportunity again to see her about 3 months ago along with my sister and again she was just wonderful. Thanks Trish for all you do!


Date of Posting: July 20 2010
Posted By: Loretta B
Green Bay, WI

I met Trish at a ladies retreat and purchased two of her CD's (not sure of exact names); 1.)influencing dreams to help solve problems and 2.) hypnosis for weight loss. There are so many great things about them. Trish has an extremely soothing and familiar voice which makes you want to hear her again and again. The CD's also soothe the soul. The weight loss CD is a energizing and frankly can be about any goals, not just weight or body. They are positive suggestions that influence positive behaviors. (also, Trish has a very special gift and I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone).


Date of Posting: June 16 2010
Posted By: Dora Grote
Des Moines

Trish, I did it! Still using your techniques, and they're still working. Thanks for the best class I ever took.


Date of Posting: May 21 2010
Posted By: Past Class Attendee

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you again. I have never had a reading help me soooooo much! I know I have work ahead of me and only I can do it (over comming those fears and all), but @ least I know the direction and feel very solid about it.Whew what a relief that is!


Date of Posting: May 21 2010
Posted By: Jackie X

Patricia has been a blessing to me in so many ways. Her kind, insightful analysis of my particular issues lead to effective hypnotherapy sessions. She has assisted me in increasing my confidence level, changed my outlook on life and has given me tools to help me deal with day to day situations in a calmer more effective manner. Patricia went above and beyond to help me clear out some issues from days long past. She is a caring professional that gives 100% to help her clients through hypnosis and thoughtful conversation. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to make a positive change in their life.


Date of Posting: May 06 2010
Posted By: Ruth .

"Words don't seem enough when saying, "Thank you, Trish!" I feel wonderful and not under the control of the migraines anymore. You are the best. I will recommend you to anyone who is suffering needlessly 6 to 8 times a month or more and the medicine isn't working. She even helped with my depression, I didn't tell her about that..."


Date of Posting: October 23 2009
Posted By: Colleen E.

"I would highly recommend Trish's services to anyone who has lost a loved one or is going through the grieving process. Trish's assistance took me to a new level of healing and understanding that has made a difference in my everyday life. I can now rejoice and appreciate the time that I have had with my loved ones rather than thinking about the loss and sadness. If you are looking for relief from your grief, Trish can help you."


Date of Posting: February 23 2009
Posted By: Chelsea .

"Trish Poole offers a class to better understand and work with our intuition. I took her intro class and walked away with a better understanding of what my intuition is trying to help me with in my daily life. The class has given me more confidence with trusting the messages my personal energy and energies that are watching over me are trying to get through to me for my highest interest. If you’re curious of what your intuition is all about Trish’s intro class would be a good first step to understand those elusive messages. Jeff"


Date of Posting: February 03 2009
Posted By: Jeff .

Enlightening and Amazing! Trish does a wonderful job. She analyzes your situation and chooses techniques she feels would be most beneficial to you. I am very happy with what she does, and would recommend her highly to anyone wanting to try an alternative to standard medical care, be it emotional or physical.


Date of Posting: September 06 2007
Posted By: Gina B
Appleton, WI


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