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While I was putting together my blog post for Thanksgiving time I went to youtube and started looking at vidoes that related to appreciation, gratefulness and gratitude.  There were several videos of people doing random acts of kindness for their birthday, one act for every year of their life.  Young people, teenagers, 20 somethings, 30 somethings even 83 year old Margie Kern-Marshall!  What a great idea! I love doing random acts of kindness so it seems a perfect way to make my birthday special.  Generally I like to do random acts anonymously but once completed I will post some of the items from my list, meanwhile, there are some links below to get you started if you'd like to get inspired or get some good ideas for random acts of kindness for your birthday or maybe for Christmas... or just because.  :)  
One of the young men who posted a video of his birthday random acts of kindess credited his inspiration to Robyn Bomer , you can read about her list here  
This is the first video I found, his random acts are well thought out and executed.  It's a fun video to watch.
Then there is this one of an 18 year old girl 
And while there are many more to see, here's the last one I'll share here, of 83 year old Margie Kern-Marshall, it's a little long but naturally, 83 acts of kindness takes a bit longer than 18

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